AI is absolutely everywhere right now and if you think you can only use AI to do things more quickly and easily you are dead wrong. because you can use AI to make money and that’s exactly what I’m going to show you today.

Here are the nine AI tools that will make you rich fast in 2023

1. Opus Clip

Let’s be real people can’t focus for very long anymore as our attention spans get shorter, short online content is what everyone loves it’s not just popular now it’s going to be even more important in the future.

But making short videos from long ones is a big job that takes a lot of time that’s where the Opus clip comes in, it can turn your long videos into short ones with just one click.

It finds the most interesting parts of your video and puts them together, if you use this AI your chances of going viral are much higher plus you can start a business doing this you can turn one video into multiple short clips and offer your service to to content creators you can charge about $ 20 to $30 for each short clip.

You make aim for YouTubers and podcasters with over 100,000 subscribers because they can afford your help.

2. Eleven labs

Next is Eleven Labs it’s one of the most realistic yet affordable AI voice generators and cloning tools online, I know many faceless YouTube channels that have been using Eleven Labs to create and monetize their content.

So if you’re considering starting a faceless YouTube channel to earn from it you can use eleven labs for that. Furthermore, furthermore you can also offer voiceover services to individuals and businesses on freelancer platforms like Fiver and Upwork.

As a bonus tool, I highly recommend you check out augxlab this AI tool not only offers easy video editing with AI but also gives you access to eleven Labs AI voice.


In the past creating a website was a time-consuming process that required extensive development skills and a good understanding of various coding languages. However, things have changed now with the help of AI-powered websites like and you can create a website in no time with just a few simple instructions, the AI takes charge of Designing building writing content, and adding images to your website you also gain access to features like built-in SEO and AI-based website replication you can provide them a with examples of websites you like and it can recreate similar ones for you not only do these AI-driven websites save your time but they also save your money.

Important Note :

You can even start a website-building business for others generating income.

4. Tidio LYRO AI

Whether you have a website product service or business, providing effective customer support is crucial. it involves managing a tangle of questions tickets and frustrated customers all of which directly impact your sales.

Tidio LYRO AI which can either assist or even replace your support team in handling customer inquiries all while enhancing your website’s sales potential. This means you can reduce Staffing costs or eliminate the need for staff while improving customer support and overall experience the result a direct boost in your sales.

5. HubSpot AI

Content plays a vital role in attracting visitors, generating leads, and increasing revenue for your website. however content creation can be demanding in terms of time and resources.

hubspot’s AI content assistant powered by open ai’s GPT model, can assist your team in brainstorming, producing, and distributing content quickly. if you master this AI you can offer content creation services to businesses that often need support with content development. you can charge for creating marketing materials, blog posts, and various content related tasks.

6. Docu ASK

Have you ever found yourself slogging through lengthy, NeverEnding documents, perhaps for class or work?

docu ask is here to rescue you from this timeconsuming task with docu ask, you no longer have to read those extensive documents. while other tools like chat GPT can provide document summaries, they might miss crucial details.

docu ask on the other hand, goes beyond summaries. it analyzes your documents and allows you to Simply ask questions about the content in the chat box. it then extracts precise information and provides you with answers, ensuring you get the exact insights you need.

7. Midjourney

Our next AI tool mid Journey, allows you to create stunning images, digital art background rounds, and prints from text prompts. it’s a fantastic tool for artists and content creators. here’s how you can earn money from it.

Start by creating a portfolio of images and art pieces. sell your Creations on platforms like Etsy or creative Market. you can also offer digital products like wallpaper packs, research market demand and pricing to ensure your products stand out.

Important Note:

remember mid Journey only works best when you are crafting compelling prompts.

8. Chat GPT

speaking of prompts, chat GPT can help you create compelling prompts for art, writing, marketing, games, and 3D, which are in demand on platforms like Prompt Base. to turn this into a business, experiment with generating high-quality prompts. you can sell these prompts on platforms like prompt base or create PDF packs with examples of images generated from your prompts. AI prompts are a valuable resource for Content creators and writers.

9. Microsoft Copilot

If you struggle with Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft’s co-pilot is your ultimate solution. Excel sheets and PowerPoint slides can be cumbersome to update and lack visual appeal, making it challenging to engage your audience effectively. Microsoft co-pilot is your all-in-one virtual assistant seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Suite of products. it can do it all, from analyzing Excel spreadsheets to crafting captivating PowerPoint presentations. it transcribes Microsoft Teams meetings and summarizes key points, saving you time, moreover it adheres to your branding guidelines for presentations. plus it can even handle email responses this is a prime example of AI simplifying your workflow.


and there you have it folks I’ve introduced you to some incredible AI tools that can not only make your life easier but also help you earn money in 2024. remember technology is evolving rapidly and harnessing the power of AI can be a GameChanger. so act fast if you found this video helpful don’t forget to share this article to your friends and family, for more exciting AI tool insights and tutorials I’m here to keep you updated on the latest tech Trends and Innovations so go ahead and try out these AI tools and turn them into your own source of income with the right creativity and strategy you can make a significant impact on your financial Journey,

thanks for reading and stay tuned for a more valuable content.🙏❤️🙂❤️🙏


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