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Luma AI is currently one of the most realistic and advanced AI video generators available. Recently, Luma AI introduced a new keyframe feature within its image-to-video model, significantly enhancing its capabilities. This feature allows users to create impressive video transitions between two images by specifying a starting and ending frame. Here are some notable examples:

Nebula to Closeup Eye:

A zoom-in effect transitioning from a nebula to a closeup of an eye.

Horn Witch to Evil Angel:

A transformation from a horned witch to an evil angel, complete with atmospheric mist and smooth animation.

Sunset Timelapse:

A realistic timelapse showing a transition from before sunset to after sunset.

Seasonal Change:

A hyperlapse transitioning from a plain ground in spring to the same location covered in snow in winter.

Water to Space:

An astronaut transitioning from being underwater to floating in space.

Eiffel Tower Timelapse:

A day-to-night transition around the Eiffel Tower, showcasing the keyframe feature’s power despite minor issues.

Smoke Appearance:

A smooth appearance of a person from smoke.To use this feature, users upload an initial image and specify an ending frame, generating a video that transitions between the two. Luma AI offers a free plan with up to 30 video generations per month, but due to high demand, free users are limited to five generations per day. Premium plans offer higher priority and no daily limits.

The tool is not only useful for generating stunning videos but also provides creative ways to transform personal images into ghostly figures or other imaginative transformations, using additional AI tools like LensGo AI.


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